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Magoo on stage with friends and a herd of Oskar Graf guitars

Magoo is a witty, lyrical writer with a melodic touch that often keeps his tunes running around in your head, and your heart, for days. His recording ‘Shirt Pay’ is a prime example of this talent. It’s a remarkable collection of songs, and Magoo can deliver it live.

He’s a player, a good player who connects with an audience and whose experience and sonqwriting shines through at a festival, concert or in a club.

You gotta do what you really want to do,
Do it with a really wanna friend.
Do what you really want to do,
Do it and you don’t pretend.
‘Cause what you don’t get done it will pass you by,
You’ll want to say you did it, want to say you tried,
‘Cause what you’re doing whey you’re doing that,
Is doing what you really want to do.

Do What You Really Want to Do  © Magoo/KBM


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Magoo on stage with Jason Fowler
Magoo performing with Daisy Debolt
Magoo hosting a workshop with Trout Fishing in America and Bob Snider