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Magoo in concert Magoo has been writing songs and playing them in clubs, concerts and at festivals across the country since 1975. In the 1980's, working with a promoter in the US, he opened shows for Taj Mahal, Roger McGuinn, The Band, Joe Cocker and David Bromberg among others. He formed a rocking little band called the Nu Magoos, and enlisted the playing talents of one Kirk Elliott. In 1987 they were commissioned by Scholastic Publications to write and record music for a soon to be released book entitled ‘Sing a Song of Mother Goose’, and the family duo Kirk and Magoo was hatched.

Hanging out at Blue Skies

Magoo possesses a lot of hats, and he wears them all quite well. Singer/songwriter, host, family performer, guitar teacher, backyard shed builder, and fashion plate (clothing to match the hats) all come quickly to mind. He has hosted the legendary Blue Skies Music Festival in Clarendon Ontario for 31 years, is a Past President of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals and a recipient of a prestigious Porcupine ‘Off Beat ’

Since 2003 he has travelled regularly to Northwestern Ontario and Labrador Aboriginal communities with ArtsCanCircle, Founded by harmonica ace Mike Stevens, ArtsCanCircle collects and distributes instruments, and brings music and visual art to youth at risk in the north. For more about the trips that Magoo has taken you can go to the Muse-ic Room on this site.

Magoo with youth in the North

Versatility makes him a ‘Folky Utility Player’, of the first order, but it is his songwriting and live performance that is central to everything else.

It’s the moon, it’s the most,
It’s emotional, it’s a ghost.
It’s an amulet that you never want to lose.
Imagination’s enlarged,
You’re guilty as charged.
It’s a wonderous waltz along  luminous avenues,
When you find your muse.

The Muse    © Magoo/KBM

Nowhere is the songwriting better demonstrated than on ‘Shirt Pay

CD cover of Shirt Pay

Magoo and David Woodhead put together a remarkable group of musicians to make ‘Shirt Pay’. It is a rootsy rockin’, folk singin’ festival in a box that manages to capture what it is he does. From the intimacy of two guitars to the flat out fun of a great band playing live off the floor, this record is a real good ride. To begin with, these are solid songs. True love, finding your muse, the best little music festival there is, saying goodbye, out there on the road some big pictures are painted by these short stories, each one sung and played with real heart.

David Woodhead, Al Cross, Wendell Ferguson, Jason Fowler, Kirk Elliott, Carolyn Stewart and Chris Saunders contribute their considerable playing skills. Six of the arrangements feature drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, the other eight go for the sound of Magoo’s Oskar Graf guitar, David’s bass and some great acoustic session playing. Added to this are the inspired harmonies of Rebecca Campbell, Daisy DeBolt, Valdy and members of the band.

The band that made Shirt Pay