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Family Recordings by Kirk and Magoo

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CD cover of We Are The Dinosaurs WE ARE THE DINOSAURS
Songs about reptiles, amphibians, dinosaurs and bugs. Gentle insightful folk songs, raging rock anthems and fun for the whole family.
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CD cover of I Don't Want To Keep My Room Clean I DON'T WANT TO KEEP MY ROOM CLEAN
Transportation, the four seasons, messy rooms and your senses. And then there is the Pancreas Aria. You’ve never heard the body described in such a ‘Classical’ manner.
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CD Cover of Mars Rocks! MARS ROCKS
Kirk and Magoo are at it again. This latest adventure takes them to Outer Space and their old pal Newton the Newt tags along for the ride. Scientifically accurate (according to Bob McDonald of CBC’s Quirks and Quarks), loads of fun, musically challenging. Recommended as a good source of music and astronomy for young and old.
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NEW! from Magoo


CD Cover of Shirt Pay SHIRT PAY
Little stories, big pictures, love, the road, songwriting, downtown, up the country, call it roots/folk. Good songs, heartfelt delivery, first rate production from David Woodhead and stellar contributions from all the players.
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Instrumental Recordings by Kirk Elliott


CD cover of Celtic Moon CELTIC MOON ©1993
The rollicking ‘Druids at the Disco’ begins this recording which serves to let the listener in on Kirk's incredible talent as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. And then he plays The Ancient Irish Blues!
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CD cover of  No Fixed Address NO FIXED ADDRESS ©1995
“...A smashing collection of fiddle tunes played with skill and enthusiasm...” (Canadian Composer Magazine)

by “... the disgustingly talented hands of Canadian Kirk Elliott...” (BBC)
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CD cover of Moonlight on Water MOONLIGHT ON WATER ©1996
A more reflective Mr. Elliott uses acoustic and electric guitar, Chinese zheng, Irish flute and bowed psaltry, among others. He also incorporates sounds he has recorded in the country and the city to inspire these compositions.
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CD cover of The Heavenly Banquet THE HEAVENLY BANQUET ©1996
Kirk is joined on this recording by two harpists. Juno award winning Erica Goodman and Sharlene Wallace. Noted Soprano Catherine Lewis sings three songs. The lyrics are poems by W.B.Yeats and St. Brigid, the music by Kirk.
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CD cover of Wintersong WINTERSONG ©1997
A compilation of 10 years of music that Kirk has written and recorded for The Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre’s annual Christmas performance. Not just for the Noel season, but Winter music from the middle ages and Kirk’s own inspiration.
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CD cover of Moving Cloud MOVING CLOUD ©2000
Like Celtic Moon, he calls upon the formidable talents of the rhythm section known as ‘the Consultants of Swing’, adds selected guest players then stirs in the instrument collection. These are traditional and new tunes meeting at a pub where you’ll find sitars, hummelchen pipes and electric guitars hanging on the same wall. As with all his recordings, the liner notes are worth the price of admission.
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CD cover of Moving Cloud UP FROM THE GROUND ©2003
Roots, folk, latin, jazz - a guitar album; my most recent album recorded at one of Canada's best studios, Phase One.
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CD cover of Fiddler On The Rocks FIDDLER ON THE ROCKS ©2005
Kirk's latest musical outing features his main instrument, the violin (fiddle). Twelve new tunes and two traditional favourites include classical licks, jazz, Celtic, and country swing. Kirk plays fiddle, vielle (medieval fiddle), 5 string electric fiddle, mandolin, pipes, dulcimer, penny whistle, and guitars. With Sharlene Wallace, Celtic harp, Don Rooke, dobro, Steve Heathcote, drums, Tom Leighton, piano, and Garth Vogan, Pat Collins, and Peter Pavlovsky, bass.
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Dino, the little dinosaur