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April 1st - End of Summer 2005

The Clivia Blooms up the Living room, and even helps shine the silver

April 1

This is no joke. I’m rehearsing the banjo parts for a Stephen Foster concert near Uxbridge at the end of April. More to come on that, with the banjo on my knee.

April 4

Writing songs about dreams with Epsom Public School

April 5

Keith Thompson’s Songwriter’s Café, 7:30 at the River Run Centre in Guelph On.

April 6

…more songs about dreams in Epsom.

April 8

The songs of John Prine, with Jason Fowler and Friends at Hugh’s Room in Toronto. 8:00pm

April 15

…more Stephen Foster rehearsal

Saturday April 16

World Famous Udora Players

Blue Skies Fundraising Dance in Kingston. We’re buying the farm!

Keith Glass the Twisters and Wendell rock the joint for Blue Skies

Blue Skies ‘buy the land’ fundraiser dance in Kingston, I host and get to take this hot rod of a band out for a 3 tune spin!

Sunday April 17

OCFF board meeting....I attend to jump back in the deep end I have taken the position of Conference Programmer. I look forward to the challenge.

Blue Skies April meeting...I attend, still wet from the morning meeting.

A special Mom makes her first Blue Skies Meeting

April 25 2005

I wrote 5 tunes all about dreams with the kids at Epsom Public School last week. I recorded them on the old Tascam 4 track (everything 1986 technology has to offer), burned them on Woody’s mini-disc, dumped them onto the computer, and burned them to CD. I deliver them back to the school in the morning. If they go for them, the kids will rehearse on their own until June, when I return for a final tweaking and we’ll put on a show.

Keith Thompson’s BlueBird Café at the RiverRun in Guelph was good fun. A beauty room, good gear, nice folks out front. I sang one of the tunes we wrote the day before with the grade 3 class and the crowd went for it. Way to go Mrs Waterson’s class! Next time I might have to wear the old kilt, Keith made a fine host in his.

Jason Fowler’s John Prine tribute at Hugh’s Room was a raging success. You can’t go wrong singing those songs in a bar. I was great to play them with such a cool band. Jason, Anne Lindsay, Blake Papsin and David Woodhead.

The Stephen Foster show is coming together, the band rehearsed for the first time on Saturday (remember it includes me playing the banjo). It’s going to be a bunch of fun and I won’t have to do a lot of straight singing. Stay tuned, that’s what I am trying to keep the banjo...

Stay tuned... Samuel Cunard and Associates will return.

Thursday April 28

Kirk and Magoo play a public school in Kingston, then do a house concert at Al Rankin’s home. Phone Al at 613 353 6650 for tickets.

Hola the summer steams on.

Blue Skies Mainstage at restNext week it’s Blue Skies, here’s a shot of the stage a month ago. I’ve just been to Kingston twice, around Georgian Bay on the Summer Library tour, up to the Almaguin Festival in Sundridge On, down to the Canterbury Festival in Ingersoll, and am getting ready to do a work week end at the Blue Skies site.

So for the next little while here’s what’s up.
Blue Skies July 29, 30, 31
Uxbridge Library August 4
Georgina Festival of Stories August 14
Owen Sound Summerfolk August 19, 20, 21
Shelter Valley Festival Sept 2, 3, 4

Go Go for the summer fun!Night Blooming Sirrus came out this week!

May 5 2005

Canadian Musical Gothic

For those in the shipping business, remember, Samuel Cunard and his musical associates will be at the Old Mill in Toronto, Thursday May 12 on behalf of the Halifax Port Authority.

El cinquo Del Mayo. Last weekend the Stephen Foster at the Foster Memorial Show went very well. If you are ever near Uxbridge drive north past the Sandford road and look on the east side. It is quite a site, and the marble and mosaic inside in spectacular. Makes for a pretty good choral/band venue as well. Conrad Boyce did an admirable job of wrangling all of us into shape. For some reason many thought that it would be rather dry and corny. It wasn't, and got downright emotional at times. I met some great players whom I had not run across and we all looked mighty sharp to boot. That's me and Lesley Joosten to proove the point.

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