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Hey there,

The Muse-ic RoomWelcome to the Muse-ic room. I’ve cranked down the handle on the pump lamp, the lights are on, there’s an old office chair for those who want to spin around and I have a tweed amp over there for those of you who like to rock. This is where I write songs, teach guitar, and play. I’ve got a few instruments hanging on the wall and some recording gear in the corner.

My good pal Richard Wegner, our Web Guy, set up this page so that I can update you right from here. Gigs, adventures, thoughts, and the photographic evidence to go along with it. Please read along if you are so inclined and let me know what you think. I’ll post a few weeks of the most current ramblings right here and previous musings will be archived on a button(s) at the left.

Samuel Cunard sends Greetings to All!


Good Look Huh?

The Cannington Dog Sled Races

Feb 21-22, 2009

The organisers had to cancel the official race portion of the weekend because there just wasn’t enough snow. But that didn’t deter the goodly folk of Olde CanningTown. They had a celebration planned, and it was still on. Sled dogs were in attendance and everyone got a chance to see them in action. The Metis Village and Trading Post were busy all weekend and the outdoor Stage featured great fiddling, singing and dancing.
I had the pleasure of walking the grounds both days with the juggling clubs in one hand and my trusty Uke on my hip. Lots of fun and a great weekend. When I did have to warm up, I dropped by the legion where the music didn’t stop. David Celia, Pork Belly Futures, The Wolfgang Brothers, Grainne, Allan Pigguns, and Too Many Sisters, it was a great mid winter Festival inside and out.

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