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Family Concerts, School and Library Shows

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You can expect great original songs, energy to burn and plenty of participation when Magoo comes to play. Kids love his performances. Grownups too, find themselves caught up in the songs, stories and merriment.
Photo of the Dinosaur inlay on Magoo's Oskar Graf guitar

A special Dinosaur inlaid guitar, a mandolin, his trusty ukulele and a suitcase full of fun transform any space to his place. It’s an invitation for the audience to ‘step into Magoo’s world’ and sing songs about dinosaurs, space ships, constellations, messy rooms, turtles, school buses and beautiful rivers. There’s always fun to be had and lots to learn. Seasonal shows are part of the repertoire and he can even write you a song for a special occasion!

JK-Gr4, family audiences of all ages.

Songwriting Workshop Facilitator

How do you go about writing a song?
What is the process?

A particularly enthusiastic student from Labrador

Magoo has been writing songs for 35 years. He has also been teaching guitar to all ages in his home for the past 16 years. In this workshop, the structure of a song, lyrical content and the importance of rhyme and rhythm are discussed along with the ideas of simple accompaniment. With these concepts the group writes a song, all of which can later be used by the individual to work on their own songs.

Magoo can also record a demo of the songs that have been written, and send a CD or email the files to the budding songwriters.

The workshop has been developed for use in Senior Primary and High Schools, and in the Blue Skies in the Community Program. It has also been enthusiastically received at conferences and retreats.

Magoo in songwriting workshop

Magoo has written and recorded songs with K-Gr8 and High School classes, in Southern Ontario and in Northern Ontario and Labrador. Every session has created a song, most of them have been performed live with the students participating, and Magoo now plays three of them in his own shows.

Writing a tune isn’t all that hard,
You don’t need your papers as a literary bard,
As a matter of fact you can go with what you got.
And as for the music that isn’t a chore,
You pass the course when you can count to four,
And who’s going to teach you?
Why you can teach you, then you’re self taught.

Tune Tune  © Magoo/KBM

Guitar Lessons

16 years ago a young fellow came to the door and asked Magoo if he would show him how to play the guitar. Never one to pass up a challenge, Magoo said, “Sure kid, come on down to the Muse-ic Room.” The kid learned how to play the guitar and the word got out. Since then, Magoo has taught a whole lot of folks how to play. During the school year, kids and adults of all ages come to the house for a weekly lesson. If you or someone you know is interested in learning to ‘play’, give Magoo a call. He can also start you off on the mandolin, ukulele, bass, or his latest interesting instrument, one the Blue Skies Summer Camp kids built for him, a cigar box guitar.

Nathan and Magoo